Why Your Restrictive Diet is Harming Your Weight Loss Efforts

Why Your Restrictive Diet is Harming Your Weight Loss Efforts

In hopes of losing weight, some people are turning to restrictive diets, where the list of what you CAN’T have is much longer than what you CAN have. Unfortunately, these fad diets can actually jeopardize your health. Let’s take a closer look at the potential dangers.

What is a Restrictive Diet?

A restrictive diet essentially limits you from eating certain foods. While some restrictive diets may require you to abstain from eating meat, others may frown upon consuming carbohydrates. Regardless, the overall goal is usually to consume fewer calories than normal.

Why Are Overly Restrictive Diets So Bad?

So, what’s the problem? Here are some reasons why you want to avoid restrictive diets as much as possible – unless it is needed for a health issue or food allergy.

1. Triggers Overeating

The overwhelming majority of restrictive diets fail to work. In fact, they often cause people to overeat. When deprived of food, your body naturally starts to go into hunger mode. It doesn’t takes long before most people hit their breaking point.

2. Causes You to Miss Out on Important Nutrients 

In order to maintain optimum health, your body needs to receive all of the required nutrients. When eating a restrictive diet, you’ll definitely be missing out on some key vitamins and minerals. Not only will can a nutrient deficiency weaken the immune system, but it may also lead to muscle loss. Of course, the likelihood of you developing certain diseases increases dramatically.

3. Negatively Impacts Your Metabolism

Restrictive diets can cause your metabolism to slow down. This means you won’t be burning calories nearly as quickly. Instead of losing weight, you may actually end up packing on more pounds. Your energy level is bound to take a big hit as well.

Signs Your Diet Is Too Restrictive

If you’re constantly stressing over every single calorie, this is a tell-tale sign your diet is too restrictive. You should also consider your personal happiness. When simply eating a meal becomes a source of a source of anxiety, it’s time to seek a healthier way of life.

Ways to Avoid Restrictive Diets

One of the best ways to avoid a restrictive diet is to abide by focusing on balance of nutrients. This will help you to eat a wide range of wholesome foods. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains. While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself every so often, try to avoid consuming too many sugary snacks and high-fat dishes. 

To maintain an ideal weight, you should stay active. Exercising regularly is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, you don’t have to perform any seriously intense activities. Some recommended low-impact exercises include swimming, circuit training, power yoga, and cycling.

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